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Peerapong Plianpoom

Founder & CEO

         Peerapong Plianpoom, known affectionately as Heart, grew up on the banks of the River Kwai, surrounded by the beauty and wonder of this iconic landmark. As a child, Heart was fascinated by the guides who would lead tourists across the bridge, showcasing the rich history and culture of the area while also providing a source of income for the local community.

          This experience planted a seed in Heart's mind, a dream to one day become a guide himself and share the stories and magic of the River Kwai with the world.After completing a diploma in Tourism Business Management, Heart wasted no time in pursuing his dream. He began his career as an intern with a local tour operator in Kanchanaburi, where he honed his skills and gained valuable experience. Heart's dedication and hard work soon earned him recognition, and he rose through the ranks to become a leader at the company.

          Heart's thirst for knowledge and adventure did not stop there. On weekends, he studied and worked to complete a general mach course, which expanded his horizons and allowed him to work as a tour guide across the country.

          A new opportunity presented itself when he was offered a job with a foreign tour company, where he was exposed to new cultures, friends, and experiences that further fueled his passion for travel and storytelling.After several years of working with the foreign tour company,

          Heart decided to help a friend's travel agency, where he quickly established himself as a senior tour guide and helped the company expand into new countries. Heart's passion for adventure and storytelling eventually led him to start his own company, "Paddle More Thailand," which quickly gained a reputation for providing exceptional experiences for its customers.

          Heart's love of adventure extends beyond his work as a tour guide. He is also a passionate freediving instructor and spearfisherman, and has accomplished his dream of becoming a freediving instructor. With over 17 years of experience in the tourism industry and a passion for adventure, Heart is now leading his company to new heights and expanding into new territories.

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